• Feast At The International Horseradish Festival

    Come Enjoy Food with and without Horseradish

    A variety of Delicious foods and vendors each featuring a Horseradish Inspired Dish. From Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches to Wings.  there is something for everyone at the International Horseradish Festival.  Foods With Horseradish and foods without.  The Festival opens at Noon on Friday, June 3rd so come have lunch to start the festival off and then bring your family back for Dinner.

  • Freshly Ground Horseradish

    This is the only opportunity to buy horseradish freshly ground and processed without preservatives at the festival.

  • Buy your jar at the Festival

    "This recipe is made once a year for the Horseradish Festival," said Kim Pamatot Horseradish Festival Events and Activities past Chairman. "It's a secret recipe - and it does taste better than what you can buy any time of the year at any grocery."

  • Video

    Watch how they make fresh horseradish!

  • Food List Horseradish Festival

    -Convenient Church – Pork Steaks
    Jones Concessions – Philly Steak with Horseradish- Chicken & Shrimp on stick-lemonade- nachos – corn dogs
    Rotary – Horseradish glazed smoked chicken & horseradish bacon-wrapped hot dogs
    Randy’s House of BBQ – BBQ
    Mahola Schaved Ice- Shaved Ice
    Mungo’s Wine – Sliders & wine
    Shishka Bob Guys – Beef, pork, chicken & shrimp
    Shriners – Funnel Cakes
    Rolling Chopsticks – Mongolia BBQ stir fry, Nathan's hot dogs, chili cheese fries, Philly tenders, lemonade
    The Sandwich Shop – Collinsville Burger
    Elks – Beer brats

  • Food Gallery

    See the Food at Last Year’s Event

  • Interested in Participating as a Food Vendors?

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